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3PL Matching Service

Most organisations manufacturing, distributing or selling products utilise the services of 3PLs – 3rd Party Logistics Providers. These 3PLs mainly limit themselves to storing and/or moving product. Some even go so far as to utilise 4PLs – a more modern approach – offering far more extensive services, such as inventory management, systems support, sourcing etc. The chart below is a diagrammatic approximation of the variations along a continuum from full in-house operations to fully outsourced.

With our extensive experience in these competencies, SCD can assist putting in place sound, practical and cost effective outsourced logistics arrangements. SCD is vendor neutral and guarantees to provide specialised service to match your unique distribution requirements with a 3PL/4PL at the lowest cost to you while maximising your service levels. Our services include any or all of the following:

  • Distribution Strategy. Assist the organisation to determine what type of distribution strategy and network best suits their individual needs.
  • Requirements Determination. Advise what type of service is needed: in-house or outsourced, and to what level for each activity.
  • Market Sourcing. Advise on which 3PL/4PL providers are available across the country or by state.
  • Request for Proposal/Quotation Preparation. Develop RFQs together with contract terms and conditions.
  • Source Selection. Based on the organisation’s requirements, select and source from the market the best providers and conduct an evaluation of the bids.
  • Contract Negotiation. In tandem with the organisation’s management conduct, assist or advise in the negotiation process to obtain the best outcome to satisfy the logistic needs of the company.
  • Contract Management. Once the contract is in place, assist the organisation in through-life management of the contract.

Our Services

Supply Chain

Whether it is new markets, new products, greater top line revenue, lower costs, better margins, or improved customer service, supply chain capability impacts each and every one of these directly.

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Local Government

We have established a successful practice of assisting local government municipalities in improving their service to their community and in reducing costs to serve.

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Corporate Wellbeing

We are able to offer a range of services to assist your organisation to cope with the many personnel issues that arise from time to time, whether they relate to interpersonal conflict or critical incidents.

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